About the North Texas Fencing Tournament Coalition

The North Texas Fencing Tournament Coalition is a cooperative venture of the Fencing Institute of Texas (FIT), Cutting Edge Fencing Center (CEFC), Gold Blade Fencing Club (GBFC), and North Texas Fencing Alliance (NTFA). The four clubs work together to present an array of regional level events, representing the joint efforts of the most successful fencing organizations in North Texas - part of Region 5 of USA Fencing.

The four clubs together provide a cadre of experienced tournament volunteers and event staff with extensive experience at the National, Regional and Local level. NTFTC events feature computer-aided check-in and registration, online live results, and in-venue remote display setups for results.

NTFTC events feature highly experienced referee cadres, headed by top level National and International level referees. In addition, we provide opportunities for selected developing referees to attend, under the strict guidance and supervision of experienced referee mentors.

NTFTC Member Clubs